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  • LeTAO at Otaru

    Letao is one of well-known pastry of Hokkaido.
    Letao is backward reading of Otaru 😉
    Their top selling product is “Double Fromage”, which is a rich cheezecake.
    I’ve eaten it, it was sooooo mild, milky, yammy♡
    If you don’t like cheeze something, they sell lots of other confectionaries, too.
    The photo is one I took at their cafe a couple of years ago.
    You can buy their products around Otaru!(Sapporo, New Chitose Airport, too!)


    Rating: 5
  • アバター Tran'po[JPN] says:

    KANIMESHI at Oshamambe

    Have you ever tryed “kanimeshi”?
    “Kani” means crab(especially hair crab), “meshi” means rice.
    Crab meat is topped on rice, which is fryed and is confined delicious taste.
    Its taste is mildly salty.
    Also there are lots of crab restaurant in Oshamambe.
    Oh, Ohamambe is the town name in Hokkaido.
    It’s located between Sapporo & Hakodate.
    I think that lunch at Oshamambe is lovely when you travel to & from Hakodate!

    Rating: 5