C-L Shakotan Peninsula Summer Tour *Includes Lunch & Cherry picking fee

  • Adult ¥7900 JPY
  • Child ¥5700 JPY

Itinerary (Estimated Time of Arrival)

bus = Through by bus meal = meal Sightseeing = Sightseeing

  1. 10:10
    Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
  2. 11:00
    *①Chuo Bus Otaru Station Bus Terminal
  3. 11:30
    Yoichi Roadside Station (rest) [20min]
  4. 12:05 meal
    *②Cherry-picking on Cherry Mountain/lunch) [110 min]
  5. Through by bus
    Via Nishi Shakotan (Tomari, Kamoenai, Madoiwa, Nishino Kawara view from window)
  6. 15:15 Sightseeing
    Cape Kamuy [60min]
  7. 16:40 Sightseeing
    Shimamui Coast [25min]
  8. 18:25
    Chuo Bus Otaru Terminal ◎
  9. 18:50
    Kanayama PA (rest)[15 min]
  10. 19:15-19:45
    Miyanosawa Subway Station ◎
    Kita Ichijo Nishi 12-chome ◎
    Kita Ichijo Nishi 4-chome ◎
    Sapporo Clock Tower ◎
  11. 19:50
    Sapporo Station Bus Terminal

※ ①Can be joined from platform 6 at Otaru Station Bus Terminal.

※ ②Cherry-picking (all you can eat cherries for 50 min, plus 100g of cherries to take home). For lunch we will have Genghis Khan lamb barbecue (250 g)+veggies+2 rice balls. Children over 2 and under 6 years old will have to pay for cherry-picking(¥420 at discount price, please pay on site). Drinks are not included at lunch. Please pay on site. Depending on the growth of the fruit, we may have to pick other fruit.
Refills on Genghis Khan lamb, veggies and rice balls will cost extra. Please pay on site. Additional drinks (alcoholic and other) must also be paid on site. Bags(other than a small pouch to carry valuables) are not allowed on the premises. Please leave them in the bus or with the staff at the Cherry Mountain venue. If you cannot eat lamb, you can change it to seafood. (must notify the staff when you apply for the bus tour.)

◎ Able to get off from the tour

Operational period

※ June 20 - July 22, 2018

※ Everyday!

Meeting Point

Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
































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