C-D【Sapporo Afternoon Tour】Shiroi Koibito Park and Central Wholesale Market Tour

  • Adult ¥2600 JPY
  • Child ¥1300 JPY

Itinerary (Estimated Time of Arrival)

bus = Through by bus meal = meal Sightseeing = Sightseeing

  1. 13:10
    Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
  2. Through by bus
    Former Hokkaido Government Office Building
    Odori Park
    Former Sapporo Court of Appeals
    Hokkaido Governor's Residence
    Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art
  3. 13:40 Sightseeing
    *①Hokkaido Shrine (visit) 【25 min】
  4. 14:50 Sightseeing
    *②Shiroi Koibito Park (visit)【65 min】
  5. 15:40 Sightseeing
    *③Sapporo Central Wholesale Market(shopping/lunch)【65 min】
  6. 17:15
    Sapporo Clock Tower ◎
  7. 17:20
    Sapporo Station Bus Terminal

※ ①Due to the Hokkaido Shrine Festival being held during mid June(schedule unknown), heavy traffic is expected.

※ ②From April 1, the Shiroi Koibito cookie production line at Shiroi Koibito Park, will under go renovations. For this reason, admission will be free during this time. (There is no passport for admission)For Regular Sightseeing passengers who have paid adult prices, Shiroi Koibito cookies (9 pcs), candy for children, will be distributed. During the renovations, the Shiroi Koibito cookie production line will not be viewable. (A video of the process line is scheduled to be shown. )After Sept 1, the Aurora Fountain and Chocolate Cup Collection will not be viewable. The shops, Picadilly, Candy Lab, and inner court(rose gardens) will be open throughout the renovations. (some areas will be open in a smaller scale.)

※ ③Self-pay meal for lunch at the central wholesale market Show the bus ticket stub and enjoy ¥1500(tax excluded) special menu at the listed restaurants below.
※The special menu has limit to the number of dishes. They may be sold-out or unavailable depending on the day.
※Member’s restaurant offering special menu (member’s store and service will be changed depending on the season)
・Tairyo Sushi Wakakoma: Sea food set menus (hand-rolled sushi or bowl of rice topped with sashimi, cooked scallop, salad and soup)
・Kita-no Gourmet-tei: Manpuku C (crab&salmon roe with rice bowl, sashimi, nori kurage and crab soup)
・Ume-e Dou: Daily special bowl of rice topped with sashimi and crab soup
・Kikusui Restaurant: Arabesque greenling Set menu ( with sea urchin or salmon roe )
・Higuma Central Wholesale Market Branch: Manpuku local set menu.
・Restaurant Nikkai “Chuo Don”
・Yanshu Dining Kitano Ryoba “ Omakase Don”
・Sushi Restaurant Kitano Shun “Chef’ s Choice Rice Balls”
・Marusan-Tei Bettei (Sushi Meal)
・Omohide Diner (Special Omohide Set)
・Shinadaya(Hokkaido pork donburi and soft serve ice cream)
・Hamayaki Center Oyster Restaurant: Oyster Kamameshi for one・ GanGanYaki(Oyster, Scallop)・Miso soup
※Show the bus ticket stub and get a 5%discount on items, and a 10% discount on other items at stores and restaurants below.Iwamoto, Kanedai, Kitano Ryoba No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, Hokkaido’s Specialty Food Sales, Nagamine Fisheries, Nikkai No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3, Nemuro Sugiyama Fisheries.

◎ Able to get off from the tour

Operational period

※ April 1 - October 31, 2018

※ Everyday!

Meeting Point

Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
































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