C-M Hokkaido Must See Tour (Yuni Garden and Northern Horse Park & Yubari Melon All-You-Can-Eat Course) *Includes Lunch & Admission fee

  • Adult ¥6600 JPY
  • Child ¥3600 JPY

Itinerary (Estimated Time of Arrival)

bus = Through by bus meal = meal Sightseeing = Sightseeing

  1. 08:25
    Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
  2. 09:45 Sightseeing
    *①Yuni Gardens (free time to explore) [85 min]
  3. (A)12:10 meal
    *③Melon Terrace (Lunch, all-you-can-eat melon, shopping) [70 min]
  4. (B)11:55 meal
    *②Yubari Agricultural Co-op [25 min]
    *③Melon Terrace (Lunch, all-you-can-eat melon, shopping) [70 min]
  5. (A)14:05 (B)14:30 Sightseeing
    *④ Northern Horse Park (free time at K’s Garden and Umami-no Oka) [90 min]
  6. (A)15:55 (B)16:20
    New Chitose Airport ◎
    JR Minami Chitose Station ◎
    Chitose Outlet Mall Rera ◎
  7. (A)16:20 (B)16:45
    Wattsu SA (rest) [15 min]
  8. (A)17:10 (B)17:35
    Sapporo Factory ◎
    Sapporo Clock Tower ◎
  9. (A)17:20 (B)17:45
    Sapporo Station Bus Terminal

※ ①Show the bus ticket stub and get 5% discount for goods at fragrance shop of the Center House. You will also get free ride for the circuit bus.

※ ②Tour the agricultural co-op and see how they select the finest Yubari melons.

※ ③Lunch is buffet style. (Delicious dishes made with local ingredients.) Children under elementary school(accompanied by parent) will pay ¥600 on site. For dessert, there will be all-you-can-eat melon(60 min). You can also purchase the melons on the 1F gift shop. Show your bus ticket stub and receive one Yubari Melon Jelly. Basically, Yubari melon will be served, but there may be other red-meat melon such as Quincy Melon depending on availability.

※ ④Show your bus ticket stub and get a 10% discount for an unlimited pass for leisure activities.

※ ⑤You will have to walk to Chitose Outlet Mall Rera. If you decide to return to New Chitose Airport, there is a free shuttle bus between the mall and airport. If you wish to return to Sapporo, you be required to pay transportation.

◎ Able to get off from the tour

Operational period

※ June 15 - August 20, 2018

※ (A)15-19Jun 11-20Aug) / (B)20Jun-10Aug

※ Everyday!

Meeting Point

Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
































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